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Here at Adopt-a-Saiyan you may adopt any saiyan sprites that are available. Just follow the rules and you'll be fine. Please, before you leave, come visit our main dish--Adopt-a-Saiyan is a side dish!--High School Life. HSL is our main website and we would love to hear from you! Pleae click on this link to enter our site:
Megami-sama and Ammy

**NEW (12-8-03)** Check the Barracoon out for some new faces! Tien and Lunch as join the Saiyan side! Yah! Check the cute couple out! ^_^
**NEW (12-7-03)** New Section! Contest is going right now. Check it out and entry! Please!
**NEW (12-6-03)** I know it's been a while since I updated. My computer crashed so everything I had got deleted. I've got all the ones from here back but all of my new ones are gone. That's okay. I've made new ones. There's now a new type of pose for the female saiyans. Check them out in the both adoption sections! New parents are posted in the Parents section.

Ammy Here!
Please, don't steal our precious saiyans! We both worked long and hard on all of them. If you have any questions or comments, email


Megami-sama Here!
Hi! Thanks to everyone who visited here and/or HSL! We both love you for it! Anyway, if you have any questions or comments for me--M-sama--please contact me at: or you can contact both me and Ammy at HSL's guest book!


Athough M-sama and Ammy don't own any Saiyans or anything DBZ related, both of them together own a DBZ gameboy game, glow-n-the-dark DBZ stickers, two DBZ 'How-to-Draw' books, and several DBZ fanfics! Plus they own all Saiyan adoptable sprites right here at Adopt-a-Saiyan!

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